Wendy Diamond


Wendy Diamond is the owner and brains behind the whole operation. Having graduated from Georgetown with a degree in accounting she is a genius at running a successful business. Wendy took the business over from her father in 2001 and is not only the brains but her dedication to customer service is what the store is truly based on. Wendy will do almost anything to cater to a customer’s travel needs and makes sure her entire team leads in the same way. She is the 3rd generation in the luggage business. Her Grandfather started Diamond Luggage which today is known as the popular Wings Line of Hartmann Luggage and has grown up in the industry. She knows everything there is to know about the travel business and is a go-to for any questions.

Contact Wendy

info@taylorsluggage.com 203.856.4296

Jules Aspesi

Jules Aspesi is Taylors’ newest member. She is a native from Portugal though she lived most of her teenage years in Mexico City. Jules has a law degree and in the last 18 years she has dedicated and focused her professional life to the corporate world. Along with Andrew, she is the marketer behind the scenes at Taylors. You can find her every weekend at Taylors. Contact Jules at jules@taylorsluggage.com or 917.560.6996 24/7.

Kanak Raheja

Kanak Raheja originally joined our sales team in 1989. Working at Taylors for over a decade she became the longest running employee of Taylors at that time and became Mr. Diamond’s right hand. In 2003 Kanak left Taylors and opened a store of her own but she couldn’t stay away. In 2010 Kanak re-joined our team and has been extremely helpful especially because of her frequent, transcontinental travels and dedication to high-end handbags.

Eileen Aliprandi

Eileen Aliprandi, “Jinx” as everyone calls her, is anything but. She came to Taylors Luggage in 1999 and has since become the visionary behind the merchandising of the store. Jinx is bi-lingual and has spent a good portion of her life living in Italy. She still goes there for 10 weeks every year which not only makes her enviable but also and expert at international travel.