Mort Diamond was 24 years old when he opened Taylors Luggage in New Canaan over 60 years ago.

In 1916, Mr. Diamond’s father, Joseph, opened a luggage store called Diamond Luggage in New York City. Mr. Diamond, a lawyer from New York University, always felt growing up that he wanted to go into the luggage business.

Mr. Diamond entered military service when he was 19 years old, and while stationed in Denver at the Colorado School of Mines, he met his future wife Pat. After law school he and Pat reunited on the East Coast, having kept in touch regularly since their first meeting in Denver. They soon married. It was then that Mr. Diamond decided that practicing law was not for him. Mr. and Mrs. Diamond moved to Stamford, where they opened a small luggage store in 1951 – Taylors Luggage. The name came from a man by the name of Taylor, who owned Taylor Trunk Company in Chicago and was a very dear friend of Mr. Joseph Diamond, and so Taylors Luggage was born.

While in Stamford, Mr. Diamond made friends with several residents of New Canaan, which inspired him to move his store to the small community. Long time realtors in town, Brotherhood & Higley, rented the space to Mr. Diamond and he moved Taylors Luggage to New Canaan in 1953.

In 2001, Pat and Morton’s daughter Wendy took over the business. A graduate of Georgetown University, Wendy had been in the corporate world for quite a while but was looking to make a change.  Since taking over the family business, Wendy has proven to be a highly successful proprietor, continuing to grow Taylors Luggage with her mantra to always provide excellent, high-touch customer service and industry expertise.